During the past year I've been using Gravity Sketch VR to sketch out some of my paintings. I started 2021 using a new software (videogame?) that I wanted to try for a while: Dreams by Media Molecule. The big difference is that this one run on a Playstation!

It's such a powerful piece of software though, with some of the best tools I've ever seen in a 3D application. The only limit is that at the moment you can't export your geometry out of the console, so it is not possible to move your geo to Blender or Maya, for example. If you just need the images though (and not the geo), you can just save them out!

Here's a walkthrough of the Dreams scene for the Naughtyboy and Crybaby project, captured on my PS5:

And here's the final oil painting:

Naughtyboy and Crybaby final painting, sketched out in Dreams for PS5 - Dreams as a visual development tool

I used the same process for Venere di Plastica. Here's the character in Dreams:

Here's the scene with the background added:

Venere di Plastica, visual development  on Dreams for PS5

And the final image, traditionally painted:

Venere di Plastica, the final image painted in oil after using Dreams as a visual development tool